Pelvic Floor Health

Pelvic floor imbalances bring with them a myriad of symptoms. Are you experiencing: 

  • Pain in the Pelvic Region?
  • Anxiety around Painful Spasms or Flare-ups?
  • Uncomfortable or Painful Sex?
  • Fear of Letting Your Partner Down?
  • Leaking, Frequent or Painful Urination?
  • Constipation or Bowel Strain?
  • Low Back Pain, Hip Pain, Leg Pain?

Symptoms are commonly caused by either a tight, gripping pelvic floor, a weak, overly stretched pelvic floor or a combination of the two, causing an imbalance between the two sides.  FULL LIST OF SYMPTOMS HERE

My therapeutic yoga program addresses the vicious cycle of “stress/anxiety causes pain / pain causes stress/anxiety” that keeps us in a pattern of pelvic floor dysfunction, teaches methods to truly release and relax the chronically contracted muscles that are likely causing your symptoms and how to properly strengthen them to bring healthy balance back to your pelvic floor and comfort back to your life. 

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6 Week Pelvic Floor Yoga Therapy Program

 This program is 6 weeks long with classes held weekly. Session one will last 1.5+ hours as we will do an intake and postural assessment. Sessions 2-6 will last 1-1.5 hours based on content. Each session will build on the next to create your perfect practice to address your needs and goals.

Materials provided to continue on your own after your program is complete.


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“Alicia has been great to work with. I really enjoy our sessions and I am learning so much. She is very in tune with my goals and has been very encouraging... It truly has been a great experience overall!”

Jennifer R.