If you are experiencing any of the symptoms in the last post Pelvic Floor 101: Part 2- Pelvic Floor Dysfunction, it is my suggestion that if you haven’t already, you see a professional to determine what you have going on.

Things to Do for Your Pelvic Floor

That being said, there and many treatments and ways to address your pelvic floor out there, from self-diagnosis/self-prescribed exercises to seeing a Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist. And many things before, during and after. Such as:

  • Relaxation and Breathing Techniques
    If you have a hyper floor, this is going to be number one. Learning complete breathing and how to relax and release a chronically contracted pelvic floor must be the first step to improving function. You cannot strengthen a chronically contracted muscle.
    If you have a hypo floor, complete breathing is important, too, because it helps to stretch and contract the pelvic floor, thereby increasing muscle tone.
  • Exercises
    Once you have released your hyper floor or if you have a hypo floor, you can begin exercises to strengthen it. This can be properly applied yoga, work with your PT or something you are doing on your own (or all 3!) But determine what you have going on. You don’t want to be doing Kegels if you are hypertonic.
  • Acupuncture
    People have found acupuncture to be helpful in releasing chronically contracted muscles and relieving pain.
  • Massage
    This can be by a professional, a physiotherapist doing both internal and external work and/or by you, doing your own internal and external work.
  • Lifestyle changes
    Making relaxation practices, exercise, better nutrition, drinking more water and getting more rest all priorities. Taking care of YOU.
  • Medications
    Your doctor may prescribe you muscle relaxers and other meds if you suffer a hyper floor.
  • Procedures & Surgeries
    There are many procedures and surgical options available for pelvic floor issues. If surgery is recommended, get a second opinion and do your research. Ultimately your health is in your hands.


No Quick Fixes 🙁

Improving your Pelvic Health can be done because muscles can be retrained. But it takes commitment, work and patience. There are no quick fixes, unfortunately.

Let me close by saying whatever you are doing or not doing for your pelvic floor, relaxation and proper breathing are somethings you could be doing on your own to help heal your body. We all have the innate ability to heal if we just learn how and give our bodies a chance.

My program includes self-assessment to help you determine whether you are hyper, hypo or a combination of the two and teaches how to relax, release and strengthen your amazing pelvic floor. If you would like more information, please Schedule A Complimentary Consultation Call Here  

“Alicia has been great to work with. I really enjoy our sessions and I am learning so much. She is very in tune with my goals and has been very encouraging... It truly has been a great experience overall!”

Jennifer R.