Vata Dosha, Anxiety & Self-Care Practices

As I sit here, sipping coffee and listening to yet another windy day here in Vegas, I find myself searching for information on how the wind aggravates Vata Dosha, or one of the bodily constitutions that make us up, according to Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga. I... read more

Benefits of Yoga for the Pelvic Floor

Yoga for the pelvic floor can be a powerful tool for healing because it is more than just an exercise. Much more. It is a mind-body-spirit system of managing our energy and a means to bringing balance back to our being. So How Can it Help? When we are experiencing... read more

Breath & Posture for Pelvic Floor Health Cat-Cow Pose

Breath and Posture are critical to overall health, but did you know they are key to a healthy pelvic floor (PF)? Breath: We are designed to breathe deeply, with our diaphragm expanding down into our abdominal cavity which in turn breathes the organs down into the... read more

Hello & Welcome

I wanted my first blog post for Feminine Wellness to be an introduction and an explanation of sorts about me and how I got to this place, right now, typing this post. I’m Alicia I have birthed 5 children. I am known as Nana to 6 more. I have spent 35 of my 52 years... read more
Angle of the Dangle

Angle of the Dangle

When I was a kid in school, I would get the worst pinching and numbness in my right shoulder.  I am right handed, you see.  All day long, all year long, this pain.  As a yoga therapist, I now understand why.  I have a carrying angle.  So just... read more

“Alicia has been great to work with. I really enjoy our sessions and I am learning so much. She is very in tune with my goals and has been very encouraging... It truly has been a great experience overall!”

Jennifer R.