Yoga: It Cures What Ails Ya! But Why?

Yoga* is recommended for, well, just about everything. So how can it be beneficial for whatever we are experiencing? There are a few reasons: Yoga Down-Regulates the Nervous System At its deepest, yoga affects the nervous system by toning down the side of the nervous... read more

The Basics on Banishing Back Pain

It is estimated that over 80% of the population will experience back pain in their lives at one time or another, often becoming chronic.  Misuse and under-use of our bodies are often the cause:  We sit too much, often with poor posture, we stand with poor... read more
5 Reasons to Get Off Your Duff!

5 Reasons to Get Off Your Duff!

The human body was created to move. Not only does it make us look and feel better to be more active, movement actually plays an important part in the functioning of bodily systems. Leading a sedentary lifestyle leads to weight gain, stiff muscles, poor circulation,... read more

“Alicia has been great to work with. I really enjoy our sessions and I am learning so much. She is very in tune with my goals and has been very encouraging... It truly has been a great experience overall!”

Jennifer R.